Rohypnol: Mental effects

Last modified: Saturday, 20. June 2009 - 3:17 pm

Rohypnol can cause amnesia — the person under its influence can remember little that happened in the hours after they ingested Rohypnol. When taken in combination with alcohol or other drugs such as cocaine or heroin, the amnesia will be more severe, and some users describe total “blackouts” from which they do not awaken until the next day.
When the drug leaves the body, the most severe symptoms of Rohypnol intoxication will subside, but many people continue to feel drowsy, confused, and dizzy for hours and even days afterward. Memories of the previous eight hours are usually hazy and may seem like a dream that is being remembered. Victims of date rate involving Rohypnol have reported disturbing memories of feeling paralyzed, powerless, and unable to resist. Some also reported a feeling of separation from their bodies. These hazy recollections can cause a great deal of mental stress and fear.
Chronic users will eventually develop physical and psychological dependence on Rohypnol. Often, chronic users may want to stop using the drug but are unable to stop on their own due to the strong physical need that has developed for the drug. The psychological dependence may lead them to believe they cannot cope with things in their life without using the drug, or that they cannot relax without taking it. This dependence, when it occurs at a young age, can set the stage for a lifetime of drug-seeking behaviors.

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