PMA and PMMA: Treatment and rehabilitation

Last modified: Saturday, 20. June 2009 - 2:55 pm

There is no official Treatment and rehabilitation program solely for PMA abuse because PMA is primarily consumed inadvertently instead of, or in combination with, ecstasy. Because of the large population of ecstasy users in the United States, however, there are treatment centers available for rehabilitation from ecstasy usage. While ecstasy-like drug users are not known to develop physical addictions, psychological addictions are common. Narconon is an organization widely used by many types of drug addicts in the United States. Narconon is just one of many organizations that offer programs of treatment for overcoming ecstasy addiction. Recovery programs for ecstasy-like drugs work with the psychological nature of the addiction. In addition to organizations with recovery programs, self-help books, and peer support groups are also available.

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