PMA and PMMA: Personal and social consequences

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Ecstasy and PMA users are most often teenagers who consume the drugs in social settings. Studies show that people who use ecstasy tend to be attracted to tech-no-style rave music. Raves are a major source of illicit ecstasy distribution to the public and may be one of the main sources of the ecstasy “epidemic.” Club drug usage has been mostly responsible for the growing popularity of raves in the United States and other countries. Raves have had a large impact on society by providing an organized location for group usage of illicit drugs. Because PMA is only present as an adulterant in ecstasy pills, the social consequences of PMA usage go along with those of ecstasy usage. However, the individual consequences of PMA contamination of ecstasy pills may be far graver.
Social consequences of club drug use
Individuals who choose to experiment with club drugs are often having difficulty coping with life situations, anger, depression, or low self esteem, previous to drug usage. The negative feelings associated with these problems often causes individuals to seek an escape or relief from their troubles. Drug usage supplies an escape route by allowing the users to forget their worries and experience positive sensations in replacement. In addition, club drug use is associated with an increase in sexual activity. Individuals in a drug-induced state may engage in sexual activities they would otherwise avoid. Individuals who use ecstasy, for instance, also risk acquiring permanent brain damage and the onset of neurological or neuropsychiatric disorders, such as parkinsonism. Neuropsychiatric problems that may be associated with past ecstasy use include psychotic episodes, panic attacks, hallucinations, paranoia, and flashbacks.
Personal consequences of PMA
The addition of PMA to the already serious ecstasy situation is alarming. Unknowing ecstasy or PMA users may find themselves in an uncontrollable physical state of hyperthermia, experience convulsions, coma, and death. The covert, silent, but deadly presence of PMA within the ecstasy community results in an additional cause of concern. Ecstasy alone has caused untimely deaths in the past, but with the emergence of PMA the death rate is steadily increasing.

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