PMA and PMMA: Fact or fiction

Last modified: Saturday, 20. June 2009 - 2:57 pm

Ravers often wear baby pacifiers around their necks as pendants. Fact — Along with excessive jaw muscle tension, ecstasy can cause users to involuntarily grind their teeth. Ravers often chew on baby pacifiers or lollipops to alleviate this side effect of ecstasy usage.
Club drugs such as ecstasy and LSD have gained popularity primarily due to the false perception that they are not as harmful as mainstream drugs such as cocaine or heroin. Fact — All of these drugs are dangerous at any dose, and potentially fatal upon overdose. Some club drugs are associated with drug-assisted rape. Development of psychological dependence to these drugs is common. All club drugs have adverse long-term effects on the brain.
Some ecstasy users take breaks from physical activity and use cold showers to minimize the dangers of elevated body temperatures. Drug users have tried to safeguard against PMA-induced body temperature elevations in this manner. Fact — Highly elevated body temperature due to PMA poisoning does not respond to these approaches.
The Marquis reagent testing kit can be used to test if a pill contains ecstasy or PMA. Fact — The kit produces a dark blue-purple color in the presence of ecstasy and no color change in response to PMA. However some pills containing PMA also contain ecstasy, so a positive result for ecstasy does not mean the pill is free of PMA.


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