Meperidine: Mental effects

Last modified: Sunday, 31. May 2009 - 5:18 pm

As with all opioids, meperidine is capable of producing euphoria. A few people may get a mild stimulant effect and a feeling of elation. However, instead of euphoria after a meperidine dose, some people report a feeling of dysphoria — a general feeling of discomfort and restlessness — or even disorientation and confusion. Still other people may just feel drowsy, with no noticeable positive or negative effect on their mood.
It remains a misconception that opioids offer no true analgesic effect, but instead produce a type of euphoria that simply results in one not caring about one’s pain. With the available detailed knowledge of the interaction between opioids and opioid receptors in the central nervous system, that myth has been dispelled. Up to a limit (usually an amount great enough to produce serious side effects), the more meperidine ingested in a single dose, the greater the analgesia and the more pronounced the Mental effects.

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