LSD: Personal and social consequences

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Fortunately, most people who try LSD reserve the drug’s use for special occasions. However, some heavy users take LSD long enough and frequently enough for it to interfere significantly with their lives. This kind of chronic LSD use can completely disconnect a person from everyday reality, leading to poor performance at school and work, as well as poor or chaotic sleeping, eating, and personal hygiene habits. Although LSD has been touted as a drug that improves connectedness and understanding among users, most heavy LSD users actually stop being able to communicate normally with the people in their lives, especially those who have not shared the LSD experience. They essentially withdraw into an illusory world created by regular LSD use.
Heavy LSD users often notice that their lives are falling apart, but they often initially believe that everything is really the same, and that it is the LSD itself that is making them think their lives are in chaos. This is an example of the extent to which heavy LSD use can disconnect a person from reality. Fortunately, heavy users usually do eventually realize the effect LSD is having on their lives and stop taking the drug on their own. It is rare for people beyond college age to keep taking LSD.
Taking LSD can disconnect people from reality so much that they might do crazy things while they are high, including harming themselves or others. Once a person comes down from an LSD trip, he or she must face the consequences of his or her actions while under the drug’s influence. Unlike many drugs that affect memory, LSD enables people to remember everything they did while under the drug’s influence.
As with all illegal drugs, taking LSD puts people at risk of getting in trouble with the law. A conviction for drug possession or manufacture can have a substantial negative impact on later efforts to get into college or find a job.
Drugs bought illegally off the street are often not what their sellers claim them to be. This is also true for LSD. Whenever people take LSD, they are risking that they might actually be taking another drug (or combination of drugs), such as mescaline or PCP (angel dust) or that they are taking a much higher dose of LSD than expected.

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