Fentanyl: In the news

Last modified: Sunday, 31. May 2009 - 3:36 pm

DEA efforts increase fentanyl use
Illegal use of fentanyl in the United States is linked to the availability of heroin. The majority of the users of the designer analogs of fentanyl prefer heroin and will use it instead when available. Due to the United States’ War on Drugs, the availability of fentanyl substitutes is being limited.
Those who argue that the War on Drugs is failing point to a rise in use of synthetic drugs. They contend that, in fighting the drug trafficking from other countries, the DEA is actually increasing the market for synthetic drugs like fentanyl. An escalation of the destruction of opium fields in countries such as Mexico, Afghanistan, and Pakistan has lowered the amount of heroin smuggled into the United States. While this is applauded by some, detractors believe that since the War on Drugs does not result in fewer drug users it is not effective.
This is an ongoing debate with valid points by both sides. Those on one side maintain that any reduction of illegal use is advantageous to the United States. They also argue that destroying opium fields is only one avenue being used, and that it is useful in connection with other methods. Detractors generally believe that helping addicts quit using and teaching potential users to never start is the only effective method. They argue that with no market in which to sell, there will be none wanting to buy the drugs.

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