Ephedra: Ingestion methods

Last modified: Sunday, 31. May 2009 - 2:13 pm

Ephedra is available in multiple forms. It is a common ingredient in energy boosting bars, sold as “Herbal Ecstasy” in some health food stores, and is also available as powder that can be mixed with water. Health food stores may sell powdered ephedrine stems, which can be used in a tea, or they may sell infusion, extracts, tinctures, or tablets of ephedra. Health food stores may also sell ephedra as the ma huang herb. Many manufacturers tend to advertise or market ephedra supplements as natural or as a botanical herb, because some consumers equate natural with safe. In China, ephedra may be boiled with cinnamon twig, licorice root, and almond to treat the common cold.

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