Diuretics: Personal and social consequences

Last modified: Sunday, 31. May 2009 - 1:56 pm

Urinary incontinence, or leakage, that may be associated with diuretic use can cause social embarrassment, self-esteem issues, depression, and anxiety. A person suffering from incontinence may stop participating in social activities, sports, and other activities they once enjoyed because of the risk of embarrassing “accidents.” Bladder training, biofeedback, pelvic toning exercises, or special urethral or vaginal inserts may help to treat urinary incontinence problems related to diuretics.
While uncomplicated diuretic use itself has little impact on personal and social well-being, the conditions associated with misuse of the medication can have serious consequences. Aside from the physical problems associated with eating disorders, the dysfunctional behavior itself can greatly affect relationships with friends and family and basic social functioning. Individuals with eating disorders may avoid going out with friends to eat or drink socially. Their rigid schedules of bingeing and purging and/or exercise may take over their life to the extent that they withdraw socially.
Competitive athletes who misuse diuretics, either due to an eating disorder or for performance-enhancing purposes, may be suspended or banned from competition. In addition, if diuretic use becomes chronic and spirals into other eating disordered behaviors, athletic performance will ultimately suffer, and the athlete may face added pressures from coaching staff and teammates.

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