Amphetamines: Reactions with other drugs or substances

Last modified: Thursday, 25. December 2008 - 5:06 am

Amphetamines are frequently combined with other drugs to prolong the “rush” or “high” or to add a psychedelic, or hallucinogenic, component to the experience. Despite the number of years that amphetamines have been abused, there are relatively few studies about their abuse potential and effects, and apparently there are no studies about the effects of amphetamine when combined with other drugs of abuse.

It is known that amphetamines may counter the sedative effect of antihistamines and other sedating agents. Amphetamines raise blood pressure, so abusers who take prescription anti-hypertension pills do not get the full benefit from those antihypertensives.

Amphetamines do not mix well with a class of anti-depressant medication known as MAO inhibitors. Mixing the two types of drugs can cause headaches, increase blood pressure, and even result in death.

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