Amphetamines: Ingestion methods

Last modified: Thursday, 25. December 2008 - 4:56 am


Prescription amphetamines come in tablet or capsule form. The most common way amphetamines are ingested is by swallowing amphetamine pills or capsules. However, drug abusers also crack open the capsules for the amphetamine powder or grind the tablets into a powder. That powder can then be inhaled or “snorted.” Mixed with tobacco or marijuana, it can be smoked. The “ice” form of methamphetamine looks like shaved glass slivers or rock salt and can be smoked in a glass pipe.

Some hardcore drug abusers liquify the powder and the “ice” forms of MAP and inject the solution directly into their bloodstreams. When injected, the “high” or “rush” occurs almost immediately, increasing the danger of addiction to amphetamines, which experts compare to that of heroin or cocaine. An additional concern is the tendency for drug users to reuse and share syringes, dramatically increasing the risks of blood poisoning and contracting HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, or other diseases.


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